My name is Em, I am a thirty-something mama to be living in Melbourne, Australia. ‘Becoming Mama Bear’ is a place for me to share my stories, my hopes and my dreams of impending motherhood and all the steps I took along the way to arriving here at this point in my life. I am usually a very private person however in this blog I want to share it all, answer the questions I was asking myself at the beginning, middle and end of my pregnancy.

My hubby is my rock, my sense of humour and my best friend. He is the reason I am able to be at home during my pregnancy, drinking cups of tea and writing on my little Mac. If it wasn’t for his love and support I probably would never write one word of this blog. Lucky doesn’t begin to describe how blessed I am to be his wife and on the journey to parenthood with him.

Little boy blue is arriving in November 2016, I cannot wait to meet our little man and tell him how much we love him, tell him how we fought to have him here and how we will never let him go. But until his arrival I have to put up with him kicking me and dancing his little monkey butt about while I type about my world. I hope you enjoy reading, I hope you find answers to questions you were asking yourself and most of all positive healthy pregnancies and babies to you all.

Love EM xo