Swaddling is not easy, it’s not just making a cute baby burrito, it’s more like wrestling a bag of squirrels. 

There are several ways to swaddle, all of them can be found on YouTube with clear instructions on how to do it. I found the best way for me and bubs was to buy a LOVE To Dream swaddle, stops bubs from doing the Houdini out of the swaddle, stops him from smacking himself in the face and waking himself up, plus when they start to want to suck on their hands constantly they still can. All big ticks for my needs. 

Now popping bubs in his swaddle is like a sleep cue, this is what happens before sleep time. He’s swaddled, popped on the boob while mummy reads him a story, a decent burping, then into bed. 

When this perfect scenario fails (most nights) we bop, sing and soothe till he hits snooze town, then it’s Harrison Ford time – see previous post. 

Every tubby bubby is different, some will love been wrapped up, some want arms out & up, others won’t like it at all. Thankfully it’ll only test your patience till they can adequately roll from front to back and back to front, about 4-5 months.

We are somewhere in between with arms up, swaddled tight and rolling over no where in sight. Thank god for my Love to Dream swaddle, at least I can get a 2 -4 hour stint of sleep most nights. 


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