Remember the Fur baby

Oh my goodness how I humanised my dog is beyond me but I guess I have a lot of people saying, “I told you so!” about now! -especially hubby 😫

She was a puppy, she needed love, my undying love that meant she could sleep on our bed, sit on the couch and eat scrapes in the kitchen… 

Now that little lord is here she is outside, never on the couch, not even allowed up stairs and in the kitchen…you’re kidding right? 

Walked rarely, told off for barking, no more long cuddles sessions on the couch,  fed 4 hours later than her usual scheduale because of her new BFF the newborn. 

However, she is happier with her new found boundaries, more obident (I guess food really does reward behaviour) but she misses her cuddles and kisses, I’ve got to make time for her amongst the endless tasks of the day. 

She’s so supportive she even got a phantom pregnancy belly when I was up the duff, could have been the waddle walks weren’t enough for her but she was there getting tubby with me. 

Now I’m the aloof mummy tree holding her BFF that doesn’t talk to her because I’m scared I’ll wake the baby… I havnt forgotten you fur baby! 

Pet guilt is just as real as mummy guilt and is to be acknowledged that they are adjusting to this new life too.

She’s never been more protective, caucious of her playful movements not to come to close and always needs to sniff out where Bub & I have been to make sure we are safely back in her protective realm. 

She stressed so much when she went to my parents while we welcomed little lord, she howled and dug holes while looking for us constantly…her fretting was harming her doggy soul, it was decided she come home to be around us while we were in hospital every day so she could be in her familiar environment. However our leaving at 5am and returning at 8pm was still causing her lonely howls and fretting. Thankfully she braved it out each day and would great us with doggy love that is unmatched in this world. 

She knew we were struggling coming home without her new BFF and gave us love when we were down, she smelt his dirty clothes we brought home with us  everyday and sniffed me constantly searching for that extra heart beat she had become so familiar with. 

Now 4 months on she takes our busyness in her long stride, she knows there’s extra treats due to our pet guilt  which she is totally milking but we don’t mind a bit. Her patience now will be rewarded soon as her BFF grows everyday to smother her with pats, and “woof woofs” and long park walks and play dates…

Hang in there Fur baby, you’re doing amazing & we love you! 


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