Ninja time

Ahhh my little lord & master needs sleep but he will only sleep in my arms hanging off my left shoulder as I walk laps about the house. Shoulder dependency is this a thing? Will I have to worry about weaning him off? 

Once he hits snooze town I have to continue the swaying, bopping, hopping motion for a good 15 minutes, or he opens one little eye to check I’m still working and it’s game over, start again 🙄

However once I get the snuggle bug in a deep sleep its transition time to the cot, just like the opening scene of raiders of the lost ark, I’m Harrison Ford switching the bag of sand with the totem as I lay my bundle down on the mattress. Hoping not to bring all the hard work undone. Then as all mums do I turn into ninja stealth mode of retracing my steps out of the room before his sleep dazed eyes peak open and realise he’s no longer hanging from his favourite mummy tree…

I’m hungry read hangry and tired needing the loo while I softly ballet dance moves out of the room. This is hard work! After all this you come to realise you only have 20 mins left as he was asleep for 20mins in your arms the sleep cycle is almost up, and you know it’s going to be a cat nap not a 3 hour sleep. Quick! Brush your teeth, go to the loo, shove the dairy free whatever resembles food into your mouth and then….he’s awake and the playing, singing, swaying starts again. 

It’s worth the BO, sour milk smell and sweat (& tears) when you see their little face light up and smile at you as they wake doing man size fluffies. 

Ahhh the LOVE is real 😍


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